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Trowbridge Men’s Shed - 3d printing, Electronics, Microcontrollers and technology

3D Printer printing woggles for a scout group

Dear all,

I’m contacting fellow members of the Trowbridge Men’s shed and those that have expressed an interest in the shed to see who would be interested in a regular weekly techie session. Covering a wide range of technologies.

For example:

  • 3D Printing. Building your own 3D Printer, Printing and CAD design Microcontrollers such as Arduino, ESP8266.

  • Raspberry Pi.

  • Electronics.

  • Robotics.

  • Home automation and IoT (Internet of things).

  • Programming.

Sharing skills and knowledge between the members while working on projects. Maybe getting equipment that members can share and use in the shed. No experience is necessary. It will be open to all no matter what your experience. All you need is a bit of time and be willing to experiment. If you’ve never tried getting a computer to blink some led's, never used a soldering iron but always wanted to try. Come along and get some help. Or maybe you can try your hand with a robotics project or building a 3D Printer.

I will be organising the weekly sessions. I have done something similar at the South London Makerspace, with the weekly electronics evening, before moving here to the Trowbridge area. I have a home built 3D Printer, another under construction, experience with microcontrollers, Arduino, ESP8266 Wi-Fi modules, Raspberry Pi, Computer and microcontroller programming. I can bring some kit along for members to try and can advice on what to you need to do more.

I found belonging to a group like this and having a regular session with like minded people very rewarding and a great way to learn new skills and collaborate on projects.

Id like to get something going in the next few weeks. For the first meeting I can bring along my 3D printer for a demonstration of the technology and how you can go about building your own or what you need to know if you were to buy a ready built machine. Unfortunately there is a danger that you may get hooked and be inspired to have a go yourself.

I suggest a Thursday afternoon but would be happy to hear suggestions. I cant manage weekends and would like to keep it separate from the weekly Wednesday morning meeting to make more use of the shed at other times.

Costs would be the usual £3.50 plus yearly membership.

Please get in touch if you are interested or if you would just like to come along to see what’s happening.

Include a list of your techie interests or if there is something you would also like to see included.

Gordon Endersby

Contact me at:

#3Dprinting #Electronics #microcontrolers

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