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Techie Shed Thur 19th January 3 till 6

Last weeks Techie session

We ended up looking at and discussing Micro-controllers like the Arduino, ESP8266, the more computer like Raspberry Pi and programming languages.

Showing how accessible they are to those without programming experience.

Also more involved projects using more than one Raspberry Pi communicating and monitoring video.

This week, Thur 19th January 3 till 6

I will bring along some Arduino's and components as usual.

If there is anything in particular you are interested in or youve got something you would like to contribute or demonstrate, please let us know on the slack forum. Especially if your interested in 3d printing as I only bring the machine along if requested due to its bulk.

You can access the forum through the Shed website under the forum link. http:/

How about building a knock sensor.

A device that detects a knock on the door or any surface that can then react to that knock. Turn on a light, knock back, open a door when it detects a particular sequence of knocks or just ring the bell when visitors cant find the door bell switch.

This is something Id like to implement at home myself as visitors just cant seem to find the door bell and insist on knocking. Ive invested in several wireless door bells to make sure they can be heard through the house. So hooking something like this up to those door bells will ensure the door bell rings even if they thump on the door.

Everyone is welcome. All levels of experience from curious to beginners to experts.

Gordon Endersby

Shed Technophile

#microcontrollers #arduino #Electronics #3Dprinting

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