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Techie Shed Thur 16 February 3 till 6

Last weeks Techie session

Bit of a quite session last week. Just the two of us. BBC Microbit breakout board soldered and ready to use. The new soldering iron worked a treat once I had the temperature right. Unleaded solder is very temperature sensitive and needs plenty of flux. The magnifying lamp helps with these tiny headers.

This week, Thur 16 February 3 till 6

I will bring along some micro controllers and components as usual. There are Arduino, ESP8266 wifi modules, Sensors and components for you to see and try. Ive added an Arduino Uno and kit of components so members can try it out and work through the tutorials and examples on the Arduino website. A PC or laptop is needed to program the Arduino so please bring along a laptop if you would like to have a go. If you havnt got a Laptop let me know and I will see what I can arrange.

If there is anything in particular you are interested in or you've got something you would like to contribute or demonstrate during the session, please let us know on the slack forum.

You can access the forum through the Shed website under the forum link. http:/

Everyone is welcome. All levels of experience from the curious to beginners to experts.

Gordon Endersby

Shed Technophile

#microcontrollers #arduino #Electronics #3Dprinting

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